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Said Slytherin, "We'll teach just those whose ancestry is purest."

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I was once infected with the T-Virus
I love you.   Yaotl Tonatzin   

*Warning: loads of NSFW shit is posted here* I'm a lazy sod. Working-class immigrant. Don't believe the truth. Erwin Smith lover.
It's funny I belong to Slytherin because my ancestry is nothing near being pure.

Hajime and Masaki

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Losing a forbidden flower/The loose of a forbidden flower
Shinomiya Nagito, Koh Masaki.

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Sweet make love recipe.
Masaki Koh and Tsubasa.

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Requested by several users

(tw: discussion of rape and consent issues)… I want to stress that if you decide to search for and download this video, and you are sensitive to depictions of rape or consent issues, you will want to skip the first half of this scene. I have omitted the beginning here, as I do not endorse the depiction of rape for the purpose of sexual arousal, nor wish to trigger those who are survivors of sexual abuse or rape. I am personally very conflicted about this scene, because there is a sudden shift in Hajime’s mood halfway through; it is as if the first half of the video never occurred, and he goes from 0 to 100% ecstasy as though someone flipped a switch in his brain. In most cases I would decide not to share this kind of video. But since so many have asked me about it, and because it is not apparent that there were any depicted consent issues at all in this audio/if you skip the first half of the scene, I am deciding to share this. 

Koh Masaki and my beloved but mysterious Hajime. Don’t be so cocky, everyone’s free to express their own paraphilias (that is, with the consent of the other being, but role playing solves most of them)

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Tsumi No Shitone Mo Nureru Yoru (Disc 3 - Track 03)

Pairing: Yusa Kouji (Yoshiyasu) x Kamiya Hiroshi (Fuyuki)


Again with a very intense and long smex scene and the best of all is that both actors are in my top 5 of favourite seiyuus! I mostly preffer Yusa Kouji as an uke but here he’s pretty sexy anyway… but Kamiya Hiroshi…oh… my gaaaawwwdd you won’t regret this!!

Thanks to Concrete Pistols ( for the reeeeally hard work of translating the three drama cds, yes, it’s pretty long but the story really worth it so please give her lots of love when you click to her livejournal and check her other translations as well, thumbs up!




Yoshiyasu: We’ve returned to this place…the same place we were at 11 years ago.

Fuyuki: Un…

Y: Since the first time I saw you, I have always thought, that you are beautiful. So frightfully beautiful…

F: Ah…

Y: And that, is where I have erred. I thought a commoner such as myself will never be able to understand one as beautiful as you.


Y: What’s wrong? Lowering your head like that…are you blushing?.

F: I don’t know….I don’t know but, my cheeks feel hot.

Y: It’s going to be okay. I will teach everything from scratch, about how much I love you.


Y: It took us 17 years to reach this point.

F: This is merely the blink of an eye.


Y: Do you already feel it?.

F: Because…it’s you…

Y: You don’t have to be shy…how cute…


Y: Your chest is all flushed… shall I caress it more…


F: I want… this… I want… Yoshiyasu’s…

Y: Fuyuki…

F: Even you are…hot…. Quick, enter me…

Y: Not yet. I will pamper you… so come, caress your own chest….

F: Un.. ahh… there, it feels good…


Y: You love (me touching here) the most…



Y: What’s wrong? You came really fast…

F: Please… *pants*… please, put it in!

Y: Un.. you’re still so tight. If I do it forcefully, you’ll get hurt. I’ll loosen you, so bear with it a while more.

F: Ahh… I don’t want it.. like this… you’re mean…

Y: Even though you’ve always been asking me to be “mean” … how demanding…

F: Ahh… please… put it in…

Y: Not yet… can you not wait longer…

F: I’m begging you… embrace me… If it’s not you…. it won’t do…

Y: Saying such words are against the rule… Fuyuki. *enters Fuyuki*

F: *moan*

Y: Does it hurt? You’re wrapping me so tightly…

F: It’s not painful… Go in deeper…


Y: It’s all in… can you feel it?

F: It feels amazing… it’s hot… here…

Y: Fuyuki…

F: Move… rub me hard… inside… in there…

Y: Like this?

F: Ahh… there… more…


F: Yoshiyasu…Yoshiyasu! Yoshiyasu!

Y: You don’t have to keep caling me. I am here.

F: No… Yoshiyasu! Yoshiyasu!

Y: Good boy… can you move on your own? I’ll let you sit up…

F: *moans*

Y: Do it as you wish, Fuyuki.

F: Yoshiyasu… feels good… it’s all… inside… Your…

Y: How rare… for you to be this lustful… Don’t worry… this is all yours.

F: *moans*… there… I can’t …take it…

Y: You’re the one rubbing it…

F: I don’t know… ahh~

Y: It’s okay… we have plenty of time. I’ll let you taste whatever you want.


Y: I love you, Fuyuki. I love you.

F: Ahh… Yoshiyasu…Yoshiyasu!

Y: Amazing… you’re really tightening around me…

F: Do you… feel good…

Y: Yes… I can’t take it… And you, Fuyuki?

F: You feel the best…

Y: That’s a given.


F: I’m coming…

Y: Do you want me (to come) in you?

F: Come inside…



F: … Warm…

Y: You are… hot inside as well… It’s not enough, Fuyuki… I’ll give you 17 years worth of warmth…


F: Yoshiyasu…

Y: I love you.

Tsumi no shitone mo nureru yoru
Yusa Kôji and Kamiya Hiroshi.

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RIP Masaki Koh. Thanks for everything. My condolences to Tenten, his lover. :(

Koh Masaki and Tenten.

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RIP Kō Masaki/真崎航 (July 20, 1983 in Tokyo, Japan;  May 18, 2013 in Japan).

I will never forget how beautiful you are.

Koh Masaki and Ten Ten, love lasts forever.

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RIP Kō Masaki/真崎航 (July 20, 1983 in Tokyo, Japan;  May 18, 2013 in Japan).

I will never forget how beautiful you are.

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In loving memory. You’ll be missed.

Koh Masaki


In loving memory. You’ll be missed.

Koh Masaki

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girls masturbate girls grow body hair girls have stretch marks girls get acne girls poop girls burp girls have all normal body functions that men do stop stigmatising all of it im so mad

guys get sad guys can bake guys break down guys want to be held guys cry guys scream into their pillow guys can have a hard time being manly so if you want us to see what you physically do as acceptable don’t mock us for being emotional

I love this

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reblog if you ARE gay, if you SUPPORT gays, or if you like to OPEN people’s WINDOWS in the middle of the NIGHT and put DOZENS of GEESE in their BEDROOMS

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